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They deserve to be assisted.

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2013/11/19 01:20

Berlin, Ohlauerstraße [10-11-2013] 'They deserve to be assisted.'

Ok, is- I don't really know what you want me to say but I just want you to know that the problem - that has the black face in Germany is not exactly their own making. Most of the people that you see on the streets of Berlin and elsewhere in Germany came to Europe out of frustration that they enjoy back in their own land. But my advice now is- because even Germany here- few blacks I 've seen- as far as I'm concerned- they are no more than the people like the government of Germany could take care of- because the problem faced by Africa was created initially by the white. And now the people seem to be migrating here and there in search of ?, in search of food, in search of shelter. I think they deserve to be assisted. Instead of being- you know played around like a football. That's it.